Smoking Vs Vaping – Things To Keep In Mind

Smoking Vs Vaping – Things To Keep In Mind

Well, let’s get this out of the way. We have seen lot of discussions about the smoking and vaping. When we talk about the health risks associated with vaping, it is important to talk about cigarette smoking as well. As we all know, vapes are supposed to be less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes. Most vapers had been smokers in the past. So a comparison is only fair.

Not enough studies

We must point out that not enough studies have done on the comparison of vaping and smoking. We all know one thing for sure, smoking is not good for our health at all as it can lead to plenty of health problems. What about vaping? Is vaping harmful to your health? However, we know one thing for sure. Compared to cigarette smoking, vaping is a far safer option. Some studies have concluded that vaping is 95% more safe compared to smoking. Since we have little information about the direct comparison of these two, we will have to rely on the information on hand.

Vaping and your lungs

  • As we all know, cigarette smoking is injurious to our lungs. Long term consumption of cigarette might lead to lung cancer and other diseases.
  • Not just cancer, you will be subjected to plenty of diseases related to your lungs.
  • Cigarettes are known to contain harmful chemicals in them. It also contains paper and tobacco bits. All these get deposited in our lungs.
  • Vaping is far safer given the fact that it doesn’t produce smoke. Also it doesn’t have harmful elements in it.
  • All the dangerous elements which are part of tobacco are not there in vaping. It doesn’t produce carbon monoxide or tar, both are harmful to your lungs.
  • A coil inside the e-cigarette heats up the e-liquid into aerosol which is inhalable. It is vapor, not smoke, therefore it is safe for your lungs.

Risks associated with vaping

Even though e-cigs are known to be safer in comparison, there are few concerns you have to keep in mind. It has flavorings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol etc. in it. There are not enough studies done on the effects of consuming these elements on a daily basis. More studies have to be done on the effect of PG and VG on human body. Only then we can say something conclusively about this. However, studies were done on animals on the same substances and no negative effects were reported.

Flavors and lungs

What about e-liquid flavors? Are they harmful to human body? Once again, not enough studies have done on these flavors. Flavors use several chemical compounds. So chances are high for flavors to be harmful. It may not be the ideal thing for your lungs. As we all know, flavors are usually used in the food items we consume. But toxicology studies revealed that flavorings are safe for consumption. So maybe there is nothing to worry about the flavorings used. However, we cannot say that conclusively yet as enough studies haven’t been done on the subject.